Satisfy your head and your wallet with Rob-See-Co $eedCents®. This simplified seed financing option offers 0% financing and an easy, straightforward application process. There’s no additional paperwork after you’ve completed your application. And the minimum order requirement is just 100 units of corn.

Use $eedCents financing for additional corn, soybean and alfalfa orders – while funds are available.

John Deere

With the choice of two rate options and a low $1,000 minimum requirement, John Deere Financial can be a good fit for financing your Rob-See-Co seed purchase. It acts as a line of credit for your seed order and is due with your November billing statement.

Choose between a prime rate option, which offers early cash discounts, or a 180-day no-payment, no-interest option.

Rabo AgriFinance

Rob-See-Co and Rabo AgriFinance have partnered together to offer 0% financing for high-performing products. Two programs are being offered for 2020-2021, Interest Rate - Prime and 180 Day NP/NI. See the details below for more information.

To apply, request an application from your Rob-See-Co representative.